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News & Announcements

Job Opportunity: GSTC Technical Director

GSTC is looking for its new Technical Director to manage the Integrity Program and lead the development of GSTC technical policy relating to standards, the GSTC Criteria,the GSTC Certified Programs, and GSTC’s role as the Accreditation Body for sustainability in the Travel & Tourism sector.

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GSTC Chair Luigi Cabrini to keynote at the First International Forum on Tourism Sustainability, Guanajuato, Mexico

programa sustentabilidadLuigi Cabrini, GSTC Chair, to be a keynote speaker at the First International Forum on Tourism Sustainability, Guanajuato, Mexico, 25 October 2016 (1er Foro Internacional de Sustentabilidad Turistica Guanajuato 2016). Mr. Cabrini will talk about the GSTC and its criteria (el Consejo Global de Turismo Sostenible y sus criterios).

Beatriz Barreal Danel, GSTC Mexico Representative and one of the GSTC Board of Directors, to be a panelist in the session "The experience of the Sustainable Travel Destinations."

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Global Sustainable Tourism Conference 2016 Concluded in Success

sml clean IMGL4878October 2016, Suwon, Republic of Korea – The Global Sustainable Tourism Conference 2016 in Suwon, Republic of Korea, took place on 5-8 October 2016, with 400 participants coming from more than 20 countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa, and North America. This includes many GSTC members and the GSTC Board members.

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Sustainable City Tourism Destination Standard for The Republic of Korea Achieves GSTC-Recognition

sml IMGL3572October 2016, Suwon, South Korea – The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) is pleased to announce that the Sustainable City Tourism Destination Standard for The Republic of Korea has achieved ‘GSTC-Recognized’ status. The awarded status affirms Suwon’s commitment to promote sustainable tourism products and services.

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GSTC Chair Luigi Cabrini at the Tourism Eco Forum in Barcelona

sml tourism eco forum114 October 2016, Barcelona, Spain - Luigi Cabrini, GSTC Chair, spoke about "Green & Inclusive City Destinations - How to conciliate sustainability and competitiveness?" at the Tourism Eco Forum in Barcelona on October 14, 2016.

Susana Conde, GSTC Spain Representative and one of the GSTC Board of Directors, moderated the workshop on "Taking Action for Sustainable Destination Objective," where Luigi Cabrini also spoke. The workshop was for tourist organizations interested in applying sustainability criteria. Through members of the Global Council of Sustainable Tourism and other organizations got to know how to apply them in their respective sectors.

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Anyone from individuals to larger organizations can help increase the reach, awareness and recognition of sustainable tourism practices.  
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